Grabarczyk v. Stein case harmed by N.C. General Assembly

By JAMIE MARKHAM — In a post last year, here, I discussed some of the issues related to sex offender registration for out-of-state offenses. Among other things, I noted a federal case in which a registrant challenged the constitutionality of North Carolina’s process (or, really, lack of process) for determining whether a conviction from another state is substantially similar to a North Carolina crime requiring registration. A subsequent case prompted a legislative change that is the main subject of today’s post.

The background rule at issue is in G.S. 14-208.6(4)b.—a conviction from another state is a reportable conviction in North Carolina if it is “substantially similar to an offense against a minor or a sexually violent offense,” which are the main categories of North Carolina crimes that require sex offender registration. A version of the same rule applies for federal convictions, including convictions by court martial. G.S. 14-208.6(4)c.

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Dwayne Daughtry

Dwayne is NCRSOL's Executive Director.

One thought on “Grabarczyk v. Stein case harmed by N.C. General Assembly

  • October 5, 2020 at 9:40 am

    Well that seems par with the opinions at the sheriffs department . I have not received any information from them just my demand for personal appearance for said registering. Seems they have no intention of allowing the constitution interfere with their agenda


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