Sex offender fee advances to NC Senate

In summer of 2017, the NC General Assembly House overwhelmingly passed the Sex Offender Registry Fee bill advancing it to the Senate. House Bill 684 sponsored by N.C. Representatives Kelly Hastings (R-District 110) and Rena Turner (R-District 84) heads to the state Senate where the bill passed its first reading and currently lies in the Rules and Operations of the Senate committee.

If passed into law the bill would require all registered sex offenders residing in North Carolina to pay an initial registration fee of ninety dollars and additional ninety dollars thereafter on the offender’s annual registration date. A provision in the bill allows county sheriffs to report delinquent accounts to the State Attorney General for civil collection actions. Additionally, requests for termination from the registry would be contingent upon registration fees are paid in full on time.

House Republicans overwhelmingly supported the bill while six Republican voted against. House Democrats added a substantial majority of support while eighteen Democrats voted no. If passed by the state Senate and onto the Governors desk for approval will undoubtedly create insufferable conditions for many registered sex offenders that are unemployed.

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