About Us

North Carolina RSOL

North Carolina RSOL (NCRSOL) was organized in early 2016 when several registrants and their supporters decided the time had come to create a more visible presence throughout the state. Urged on by reports of resurgent legislative efforts to make life even more unbearable for North Carolina's registrant population, NCRSOL was certified as a non-profit corporation by the Secretary of State on March 4, 2016. As an affiliate of the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws, NCRSOL fully subscribes to the national organization's statement of Vision, Mission, and Goals. Representing the civil and constitutional rights of North Carolina's more than 21,000 registered citizens, along with their families and friends, NCRSOL is dedicated to advocating for legal reforms that will protect and restore their fundamental rights to life and liberty. NCRSOL seeks to partner with all persons, groups, and policy makers who are concerned about the increasing hostility through which state and local government leaders have further marginalize and ostracized this constituency of citizens in North Carolina.

NCRSOL is a proud affiliate of NARSOL