By ROBIN VANDERWALL . . . Are there any attorneys in Gaston County familiar with the U.S. Constitution? Have you read the Fourth Amendment? Doesn’t that amendment prohibit unreasonable seizures and arrests without “probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the … persons … to be seized?” I believe it was taught at some point in law […]

Sheriff Cloninger rounds up ALL sex offenders for Halloween. OR does he?

By MICHAEL HYLAND . . . RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – With the North Carolina State Fair underway, law enforcement officers are aiming to keep sex offenders off the premises. “They put a perimeter around the fairgrounds, a quarter of a mile. And, when a person comes through that perimeter with an ankle bracelet on or whatever they have, it sets off an […]

WNCN interviews Vanderwall about restrictions on citizens at State Fair

By ROBIN . . . Overwhelmed by reports coming in from several counties throughout the state, NCRSOL is getting aggressive about calling out local sheriffs who are deliberately misleading registered citizens when they ask about their right to use social media. NCRSOL recently sent a certified letter to Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison informing him about the errant information his […]

NCRSOL asks Sheriff Harrison, others, to obey the law on social media ...

By ROBIN and SANDY . . . On “The View,” September 25, program regular Sunny Hostin said, in response to the announcement that Anthony Weiner had been sentenced to 21 months for sexting with a minor, that she felt the sentence was inappropriate and had she been prosecutor, she would have asked for a longer term. She justified this by saying […]

The ladies of “The View” need glasses . . . and brains

By LOIS . . . As the North Carolina Mountain State Fair re-opens this week, one group of citizens will be denied admittance because of restrictions imposed by NCGS § 14-208.18 pushed through the Legislature in 2017 (after a previous version of the same law was held unconstitutional in Does v. Cooper). The newer legislation prohibits anyone whose name appears […]

NC should stop creating bad SO laws; set example for nation

By DAVID FEIGE . . . This month the Supreme Court will have a rare opportunity to correct a flawed doctrine that for the past two decades has relied on junk social science to justify punishing more than 800,000 Americans. Two cases that the court could review concern people on the sex offender registry and the kinds of government control […]

Supreme Court’s sex offender rulings are polluted by false facts

SMITHFIELD, N.C.  – Sex offenders are already prohibited from living near schools, but Johnston County is considering completely banning them from campus. That includes parents of students at the schools if they are on the sex offender registry. The proposed policy permits parents on the registry to participate in parent-teacher conferences, provided they receive advance written approval of the school’s […]

Johnston Cty school board to adopt policy that’s already state law

WILMINGTON, N.C. — A former Carolina Beach police officer was sentenced Monday to 10 to 17 years in prison for a string of sex assaults in New Hanover and Brunswick counties, authorities said. Joseph Adam Silva, 31, pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree sexual offense, two counts of second degree rape, three counts of sexual servitude of an adult […]

Carolina Beach cop gets light sentence for violent sex assaults

By ROBIN VANDERWALL . . . In one of the most poorly cobbled epistles of opinion these eyes have beheld, the Roanoke Rapid Daily Herald‘s editorial staff has decided that something really must be done to close a “loophole” (it’s always a loophole, isn’t it?) in North Carolina’s sex offender registration statutes. A Daily Herald editorial claims that current law […]

Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald suggests 24-hour registration window

By DAVID BOOTH . . . On June 19, the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed the value of social media as a pervasive news source and a socially ingrained forum for exchanging communications when it struck down an overreaching North Carolina statute. The North Carolina law under consideration made it a felony for any person on the sex […]

Sex offenders have First Amendment right to Internet, social media

A CBC Editorial . . . It is becoming all too familiar. If it’s Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court will declare another North Carolina law unconstitutional. It’s no joke. This most recent Monday a UNANIMOUS Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a 2008 law that banned convicted sex offenders visiting social-networking websites that allow minors to become members or to create personal […]

WRAL, Capitol Broadcasting blast General Assembly’s unconstitutional habits

By ROBIN VANDERWALL . . . In a broadly worded opinion penned by Justice Kennedy, a unanimous Supreme Court has closed the door on laws restricting access to the internet and social media forums by Americans who were convicted of a crime but who are no longer serving a criminal sentence. In reversing the N.C. Supreme Court’s decision in Packingham […]

SCOTUS slaps NC Supreme Court, unanimously strikes social media ban