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Tennessee targets registered sex offenders with ‘Operation Egg Hunt’

According to a Tennessee press release, a multi-agency sex offender registry compliance operation concluded this week with the check of more than 70 registered sex offenders in the Tennessee area of Anderson County. Anderson County is home to the city of Oak Ridge.

During the operation, dubbed “Operation Egg Hunt,” compliance checks were conducted on more than 70 registered sex offenders. Law enforcement teams made contact with 72 of those offenders. Of those where contact was made, 68 were found to be in compliance.

Four men were arrested for being in violation of the sex offender registry and booked into the Anderson County Jail, identified as 42-year-old Eric Bedwell, 49-year-old Corey Hutchinson, 27-year-old Brandon Labelle, and 30-year-old Cameron Richardson.

“Making sure registered sex offenders in Anderson County are in compliance and following the rules set forth by the courts as a result of their conviction is critical,” said Sheriff Russell Barker in a press release also shared to the ACSO Facebook page. “It’s important that these offenders know we are always watching and will hold them accountable if they fail to comply.”

The operation spanned four days this week and wrapped up Thursday. The sweep was conducted by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and the Oak Ridge Police Department, with the assistance of the Tennessee Buerau of Investigation’s Sex Offender Registry Unit and the US Marshals Service.

2 thoughts on “Tennessee targets registered sex offenders with ‘Operation Egg Hunt’

  • April 18, 2023 at 8:37 pm

    Of those who were arrested for non-compliance, I noticed that the rule violation was not published….very interesting… The article would be more enlightening and interesting if the rule violation was explained. When the public hears non-compliance, it stokes fear. Reporters need to do a better job.

  • April 8, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    Why let us out of prison if there never can be trust the fact of the matter as NARSOL knows is that the real monsters are the people who rule by emotion instead of law. …as a retired Navy vetern. I would have given my life for the freedom of this country now I am in effect caged by the registry have to wonder if these registrants in Tenn had a white van parked in front of there house all day


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