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Written by Phoebe . . . I have a voice.  I really do.  But when you have been through something like my family has been through, there’s a period of time where you lose your voice.  You’re broken.  You’re probably at a point where you need to talk to people but sometimes you just can’t.  Thank you, God, for the people in my life who reached to me when I didn’t even know I needed it.  Thank you for the people who lifted me up on the days when I was down.  Thank you to my friend who said I was entitled to go through emotions, but that I couldn’t stay in those emotions. I had to experience and go through them.  I couldn’t skip them or go around them but rather I had to move through them.

Over the last several years my voice has started to return.  I found a renewed spirit, pushing me to advocate for fair laws. This is way out of my comfort zone.  But I am a citizen, I am a voter, and I am entitled to laws which are fair to everyone.  Unfortunately, the registry laws are not fair to everyone.  One of the most frustrating things I have experienced is the feeling that I, as an individual, am not important to lawmakers.  That I as an individual don’t deserve to be heard.  That the only way I will get anywhere is if I am supported by an advocacy group.  Everyone has a story, everyone has opinions.  I challenge you to join NCRSOL so that our lawmakers will hear you, too.  I wish I could tell you that they would listen to you as a stand-alone individual, but generally that is not the case.  My very first call to a lawmaker’s office included the question, “What group are you with?”  My naïve answer was, “Group?  I am an individual citizen.”  Needless to say, I got nowhere and the lawmaker would not speak with me.  That’s just one example but there have been many more.  I still encourage you to advocate as an individual, but I also encourage you to join a group.  We deserve to be heard.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Be a change agent…

3 thoughts on “I have a voice

  • September 10, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Gee, your letter here is painful sweet. I cannot figure by what you’ve written what brings you here. I get no registrant vibes so I’m ruling that out. Anyways, The top issues in American society are in play here. Liberty is in play here. IMHO NARSOL , NCRSOL & eff.org are the tip of the spear in the defense of freedom from gov intrusion into the day to day lives of citizens. For decades now women have been striving hard to extract gov intrusion from reproductive choices. Gov and particularly fed gov, has zero business in the day to day. States are bad enough.

    You are finding your voice with excellent timing as never before in human history have women had a greater opportunities for ” voice. ” Ask Hillary, Ann Coulter, DOC or Oprah for that matter!
    That you have chosen to be here and question leadership’s choices means you’re contemplating standing against a tsunami. I trust you have awareness of the strength of the headwinds involved. The time has come for young folks to exercise their voices into the wind for such makes them stronger. You may not realize that humans are now in some ways subservient to database machine. That doesn’t sound to bad a thing to the average person but it is!
    No rational person would accept human slavery to a database, and that is why the stereotype was created, for the sake of the machine.

    I wish you enduring strength in what ever goals you have set for yourself.

  • September 9, 2019 at 9:38 am

    NCRSOL, ROBIN & Company,

    Sept 23 11:15 am Jury assembly room 2nd floor Janesville Wisconsin I will have WIS DOC SOR AGENT Fugate on the stand in pretrial hearing. I have convinced the judge to permit me to represent myself. That means I get to ask agent some key questions about probable cause.
    The standard is very low so I do not expect to win dismissal on ground or lack of sufficiency but you never know. One piece of paper a1991 notice of conviction & sec 301.45 & 46 are in play.
    Fortunately 301.45 1g (a) WHO IS COVERED contains a date December 25 1993 which is after the date on the judgment. State will opt 301.45 1g(b) the ex post ” a person who was in prison for…. ”
    where custody is inferred as SOR now is. Remember Connecticut DPS mentioned the substantive claim not weighed. That question remains specifically only for those who’d not waived substantive rights by plea and demanded trial. That court referred to Norma Grace Constanteneau 400 US 433. A Wisconsin case where I happen to live. SOR in WI is administered by DOC that choice was not made by congress rather that intent filled act reflects punitive intent more than opting AG or State Police.

    In many ways I hope this case gets to a jury because the inventors of the regime has blood and family destruction on their hands.

  • September 5, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    Well put. And thanks for your contribution here! Y’all hear her? Join NCRSOL! (See tab at top that reads “Join NCRSOL”)


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