Scam targeting sex offenders reported in Pender County

By WECT Staff. . . The Pender County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a scam that is reportedly targeting registered sex offenders.

According to a news release, the sheriff’s office recently received a report that a scammer contacted a sex offender claiming to be a member of the agency’s Sex Offender Task Force and informed the potential victim that a felony warrant for non-compliance was on file.

“The suspect directs the victim to send in money via store debit cards to post bond and avoid arrest,” the release stated. “The suspect asks for the card numbers and then withdraws the funds.”

The sheriff’s office added that they do not accept payments to settle bonds on warrants and all criminal warrants are taken care of through the magistrate’s office where bond money is accepted by the court.

“We do not arrange bond payments in lieu of warrant service by any other means,” the release stated.

If you feel you are a victim of a scam perpetrated in this manner, please call the Pender County Sheriff’s Office at 910-259-1212.


2 thoughts on “Scam targeting sex offenders reported in Pender County

  • October 11, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    This scam also used in Cumberland County by a person identifying them self as Det. Sellers… I consider my self pretty savey when it comes to scam callers. it almost fooled me.
    I thought I was going to jail. incoming call was one digit off from the CC Sheriff’s office. Beware this guy is good.

  • September 24, 2019 at 12:09 am

    The same scam has targeted Wake County Registrants. An individual identifying himself as Deputy Sergeant Chris Taylor with the Wake County Sheriffs Department. The number on the caller ID appears local but unknown. The fake deputy will begin by saying “this call is recorded” and start rattling off vital information to “confirm” your identity. The phony deputy will then ask for your registry offender ID number or your social security number to verify. This is where you NEVER GIVE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO ANYONE on the phone.

    Mr. Taylor will begin threats of arrest of a signed warrant for failure to comply to be served immediately. Before the scam leads to asking for money, gift cards, or other vital information. HANG UP! Call your local Sherrif and confirm the identity of the caller. The phone number victims call will only be serviceable for a few hours before going dead or a constant busy signal.

    Naturally, this is a sophisticated scam targeting helpless victims that may not understand how law enforcement works in the background. DO NOT TALK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OR SCAMS ON THE PHONE. Always go in-person to a sheriffs office. Do not risk self or other family members to such scams from taking a toll on your emotional wellbeing.

    Anyone that is a victim to such calls should immediately report this to local law enforcement at once. GET A CASE NUMBER FOR YOUR RECORDS! Even if law enforcement does nothing to pursue an investigation, get a case number that may demonstrate a pattern that the law enforcement community must do more to protect all citizens.


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