ACLU provides guide in how to respond to North Carolina leaders

As COVID-19 continues to spread within our communities and governments move to mitigate the spread, the ACLU will be monitoring the government’s response to ensure that it is no more intrusive on civil liberties than absolutely necessary and that any government measure is grounded in science and public health, not politics or xenophobia. And as each of us focuses on protecting the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the people closest to us, the ACLU will be working hard to advocate for the protection of people who are at high risk of being exposed to the virus and have the least amount of power to protect themselves.

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One thought on “ACLU provides guide in how to respond to North Carolina leaders

  • March 31, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Mr. Daughtry, I want to thank you and all who were instrumental in persuading the Wake County Sheriff’s Office to forgive the in office visit requirement for those who receive address verification letters while we are experiencing this terrible outbreak. It especially mean s more to me as a 75 YO person not in the best of health. I did of course share this important news with others here at the Recovery Home I manage.
    God Bless you and all the staff of NCRSOL and NRSOL.
    If anyone is reading these posts, I urge you to join this urgent and important movement. The yearly dues are minimal compared to what you will receive in return. So, Let me hollar atcha,,”PLEASE JOIN, WE NEED YOU ALL”:)


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