NARSOL Demands Stoppage Of In-Person Check-Ins For Those On The Registry

SOLPRC COVID-19 Guidance March 28

We live in unprecedented times. Never before have semi-quarantine conditions been imposed across the entire country. Registrants especially, having a history of not knowing what to expect from law enforcement, are unsettled. Going into sheriff’s offices or other places where registration verification is done is risky business these days, risky in ways never experienced before. Many registrants are senior citizens, and many, just like all senior citizens, have some serious health conditions. An exposure to the Corona-virus, COVID-19, could be disastrous, putting not only the registrants but also the law enforcement or governmental personnel at risk along with the families and friends of all.

Mainstream media articles dealing with this issue reveal a definite trend: While more and more offices are closing to the general public wanting to conduct normal business, such as fill out a report or renew a driver’s license, registered sexual offenders are still to report for their regularly scheduled verification checks. NARSOL finds this unacceptable, and March 20, 2020, issued this press release to media outlets across the nation calling for a suspension of all required in-person verifications during this crisis.

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4 thoughts on “NARSOL Demands Stoppage Of In-Person Check-Ins For Those On The Registry

  • March 25, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Mr Daughtry, I would like to broach another issue that impacts all persons in Wake County, NC.
    It seems like this county is the last county to exercise safety measures which affect the citizens of this county. Durham County with 68 confirmed cases of COVID-19 has issued a stay at home order while Wake County has 67 confirmed cases. Wake County was the last one to issue an order to close school and colleges. I hope that this county will catch up with the times in order to protect it citizens.
    Another round of KUDOS to you and NCROSL for your timeless work to protect those on the registry and SBM.

    • March 25, 2020 at 2:46 pm

      On behalf of the NCRSOL board of directors, Thank You!

  • March 25, 2020 at 10:43 am

    Update to earlier post by me, Marlin Scott regarding medical testing and SBM.
    I spent the entire day Monday following the TIA stroke I experienced trying to locate contact information for the appropriate Government entity in the case of another emergency health event. Having this ankle monitor removed on the weekend in emergency is virtually impossible as Government officials do not work on the weekends. I eventually found that the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Special Operations are the ones responsible for overseeing this program for all non-probation and parole persons on SBM. They are in turn required to notify certain individuals in the county of a removal and/or incident involving SBM’s. the problem is that these certain individuals also do not work on the weekends so I am right back where I started. I spoke to a Mr. Tony Taylor, Director of Special Operations and Intelligence Unit of the Dept of Public Safety, Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice at (919)614-6408. He promised to personally return my call but instead I received a call from one of the persons in Wake County who is responsible on the weekend to oversee all SBM issues. She gave me a fax number to send a fax to make an appointment to have the Monitor removed in the case of emergency. She expressed to me that she didn’t work on the weekends and that i would need to send her a request on the fax number.
    Well , you can imagine my frustration at trying to convince her that an emergency on the weekends is not the same as an appointment a week from now. I had absolutely no positive results from this call. Only more anger at the additional punishment and harassment all SBM participants are forced to endure. So now I suppose i’ll need to schedule my future strokes, or any other life threatening event to take place by appointment.
    Oh! If only I were rich enough to afford one of these Attorneys in this State. I would surely challenge this in court.
    But, Let me say this to NCRSOL, and NARSOL. Kudos to you all for the extensive hard work you do on our behalf. God Bless you all. (and my apologies for the lengthy post)

  • March 22, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    Mr Daughtry, another serious issue is the satellite based monitoring and getting medical diagnostic tests and medical treatment on the weekend.
    This past Thursday I had what I now know was a mini stroke. On Saturday night I was sitting on the bed when my entire left arm went numb. Was transported to the hospital. All kids of tests were performed but when the order was given to have a MRI done I made numerous calls to get the monitor taken off, but could not reach anyone who is responsible for this. The Dr said they couldn’t cut it off and out of fear that I would be charged with removing it the urgent MRI was not done. It would have verified the location of the stroke.
    Question: Why can’t this serious issue be added to any ongoing case?


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