2020 NARSOL Webcast speaker videos

Just in case you missed the 2020 NARSOL/Live webcast, we have the presentation videos. You are now able to watch the following:

Click here to access the free presentation videos

Equal Justice Under the Law
by Phil Telfeyan

For Reason in a Mad World
by JoAnn Wypijewski

How To Reach People Who Don’t Already Agree With You
by Phil Telfeyan

The Media: Friend or Foe?
by Michael McKay

Registry Overload: Review of Michigan’s Registry Reform
by Kimberly Buddin

How To Talk To Policymakers So They Will Listen
by Kimberly Buddin

Standing Up; Speaking Up
by Jeanie Mezger

Everyday Champions
by Glen Gerding

Heroism and Faith: Becoming a leader in the fight for change
by Paul Dubbeling

Paraphilias: A Mental Health Perspective
by Dr. Fred Berlin

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