I Double-Dog Challenge You

Written by Phoebe . . .

I am an odd-ball.  I do not like to shop.  I do not like to spend money.  I have penny-pinched in ways that are borderline silly.  How many of you have ever saved packets of ketchup from fast food restaurants and filled up your ketchup bottles at home?  Hey, there are points in our lives we have to use the resources we have!  Given that, guess what exasperates me?  No, seriously – guess.  People asking me for donations – asking for MY money!  Can you buy wrapping paper for this fundraiser? Or cookie dough for that fundraiser? Candy apples. Boxes of fruit. Candy bars. Sponsor their kid to run laps at school. Can you donate to this cause?  Can you round up your purchase at the store for blah-blah-blah?  I know – I wish I was more carefree with how I spend my money and could just donate to every cause and fundraiser because I truly do understand everyone has a passion for their cause.  I truly do understand the operating expenses of nonprofits.

So why am I writing all this?  I am literally giggling at myself for this.  As much as I get worn out by it, I have things I am passionate about and need people to help support.  Yes – here it is.  I am asking.  Why me?  Well, why not?  I am not on the board of NCRSOL or any officer.  I am not their marketer or their fundraising campaign manager.  I am just a person who is a member, who believes in NCRSOL, and likes to type out her thoughts whether anyone reads it or not!  I believe in the work and the passion that I have seen from NCRSOL.  I am a person who believes each of us deserves fair treatment in our society, but I recognize this is not a fight I can do alone.  NCRSOL officers do not get paid for their advocacy work.  They spend many hours researching the laws, working with lawyers, lawmakers, civic groups, and advocacy groups to promote positive change.  These are people who are here for YOU….who are here for ME…who are here for my family.

Fundraising is grueling work, but necessary for nonprofits.  No one likes asking for money.  We all have our struggles with finances and many of us struggle to get or keep jobs.  However, I do want to take this opportunity to challenge you to join NCRSOL and/or make a donation.  Every bit counts.  Every $15 or $20 you can spare is helping to support the legal fights to change the laws.  JUST IMAGINE if we got every registrant in the state of NC to just give $15, the cost of a meal at a restaurant.  Imagine if we got one family member or friend of every registrant in the state of NC to donate or join.  JUST IMAGINE.

I have personally watched NCRSOL make a difference with just a small group of people.  Imagine what a large group could do.  In June 2020, NC will be hosting a national conference for registrants and their families.  There will be guest speakers, attorneys, and lawmakers discussing the registry and how we can reform the laws.  Take action by attending.  Get involved.  NCRSOL needs you!

Because I have the power of the keyboard, I have decided to use this opportunity to issue this challenge to you:
Challenge #1:  Join NCRSOL.
Double-dog Challenge (#2):  Join NCRSOL and get 1 other person to join.
Super Hero Challenge (#3):  Convince 2 or more to join or donate!

I need to hear from you!  Tell me.  Tell me you have joined, renewed, or donated.  Respond anonymously – I know we like our privacy.  But tell me you conquered the challenge. THIS is how you become a Change Agent!  This is how you directly impact NC.  It may mean you sacrifice one luxury this week to give, but I fully believe the blessing will come back to you ten-fold.  You are called to help others and make a difference.  Start here.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

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