My “one day”. . .

Written by Phoebe . . . My “one day” is coming.  One day my family member, who is on the registry, will be at the 10-year mark and can petition to be released from the registry.  One day we will start on our bucket list.  Now, understand that our bucket list is not one of those a lot of people have.  You know, the kind where you experience these big life moments – like perhaps jumping out of plane, taking a hot air balloon ride, traveling to the jungles of the Amazon.  No, our bucket list is to attend state parks and go for hikes.  To go to the movies as a family.  To go midnight bowling.  To go to the mall and indulge in a Cinnabon (I know, right?!).  To go to a Christmas parade.  To go to an art museum, even though we really aren’t into art.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s just the fact that there are so many things we have not been able to do as a family for so many years and we want to experience them.  One day.

It is a shame and a disgrace to deny people everyday rights.  It is a shame and a disgrace that these are human beings who are treated less than human.  It is a shame that our government willingly takes our money yet restricts us from public places.  We pay taxes.  We eat at restaurants and shop at stores that contribute to our communities and state.  Yet, we are extremely restricted from so many places.

As a reminder to registered citizens in North Carolina – the length on the registry is 30 years but you can petition after 10 years for release.  I know – 10 years is a long time not to step foot into a mall or a movie theater.  The world around you changes and there are things you are restricted from experiencing.  But hang in there.  Find the things you can do and focus on that, not the things that you can’t.  NCRSOL continues pushing for changes to the laws to seek rational ones.  I encourage you to make sure you, your family, and friends are NCRSOL members to help support this organization in their fight.

My “one day” is coming.  I will check off items on my bucket list and keep on keepin’ on.  Your “one day” is coming, too, so hang in there, my friends.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Be a change agent…
– Phoebe

3 thoughts on “My “one day”. . .

  • March 25, 2023 at 12:23 pm

    I have been on the registry for just over 10 years now. I did not have an actual victim, but was part of a police sting operation. Many guys arrested that day. I was charged with solicitation of a minor by computer. Never in any trouble before, or since. I did probabation, group counselling and a volunteer support group. On the registry I am not able to see grand children do any functions. I contacted a lawyer I know. he just told me that according to the assistant DA, I fall under a federal law that says I have to be on the registry for 25 years. I am still hoping that something can be done. From what I have saw, NC has not even agreed to that federal law. Right now it is still in question what will happen.

  • March 16, 2020 at 6:10 pm

    JohnDoeNC – Congrats on your One Day. You had a very touching comment that your One Day will truly come when we all celebrate our One Day. I appreciate your continued support of organizations such as ours. Blessings to you!

  • December 3, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    My One Day came last year. It is indeed a wonderful day, and at the same time it is bittersweet. I am no longer required to register in the state of North Carolina and I’m still not free. I am under no restrictions and it’s wonderful to take my dog to the dog park, take a walk in the public park and best of all not look over my shoulder everyday waiting on someone to violate me for the least little technicality of the registry.

    But my offense was committed in South Carolina and I’m on the SC registry for life. I no longer have to register but my information will never be taken down. I still show up on the 3rd party sites and the national registry. I have an aging mother in SC in poor health and must restrict my visits to no more than 30 days per year or risk arrest for not registering. I still can’t travel without checking the requirements of each state to make sure I don’t overstay my allowed time without registering. In the state of Virginia there are laws on the books that prohibit a person being in a public park that has EVER committed a sexual offense whether they are required to register or not.

    My One Day will come when we all, each and everyone of us get our One Day. When we all each and everyone of us no matter where we live are free, then I will be too. That’s why I will continue to support the organizations that support registered citizens with my spirit as well as my money. Just because I’m in a better place now doesn’t mean my work is done.


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