NARSOL 2020 Conference Is Still Continuing As Planned

The COVID-19 pandemic creeps across the landscape of America and changes the shape of daily life. The advocacy at the NARSOL office doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As North Carolina prepares to host the upcoming National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws Conference in June, things seem to be continuing as planned.

NARSOL Board of Directors member Richard Earl sent a message to conference planning teams, “the conference is going ahead as planned.” While some members of the planning groups appeared concerned with the growing uncertainty of how the pandemic could potentially alter the conference, NARSOL leadership is optimistic that the conference will be held.

A positive mention is that airfare could not be more of a bargain at this particular time. The cost of a roundtrip airfare ticket has significantly dropped because of struggling airlines and the plummeting price of jet fuel. As of the time of this reporting roundtrip airfare during the conference time frame from Houston, Texas, to Raleigh-Durham starts at $79. Additionally, other services such as rental cars and hotel rooms are attempting to pull out all the stops to capture any customer it can acquire.

For more information about the NARSOL 2020 Conference, please click here.

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