North Carolina military bases to require face coverings at all public places

by Dwayne Daughtry (4/09/2020) — Fort Bragg, Seymore Johnson Air Force Base, and Camp Lejeune announced it would require anyone entering the commissary, exchange, or any other public area to be wearing a face-covering starting Friday, April 10. The policy was implemented because of recent COVID-19 developments and safety concerns.

North Carolina has a vibrant military community filled with military retirees and disability service-connected veterans. Many citizens on the North Carolina sex offender registry are veterans. Veterans on the registry may choose to use base exchanges and commissaries; thus, this rule affects them.

The rule change applies to all employees and patrons–including military personnel, family members, veterans, civilian employees, et al.

Examples of activities include: visiting the Commissary, PX, PMO, Contractor Vetting Office, Visitor Center, IPAC, Postal, Mess Halls, and Barber Shops, etc.

Anyone not wearing a face covering of some type will be turned away. They will be allowed to enter as soon as they return with a face covering.

Fort Bragg, public affairs office, said the face-covering does not have to be a mask. It can be any sort of cloth item that covers the nose and mouth.

There is no timeline as to when the facemask requirement will end.

Dwayne Daughtry

Dwayne is NCRSOL's Executive Director.

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